Candle & Melts Frangrance Menu

Feel nurtured, inspired and mindful with our thoughtfully curated fragrances.


A lush fragrance has an intense vanilla aroma with a subtle touch of cream

Vanilla Patchouli & Sandalwood

A warming luscious woody scent with top notes of bergamot and lemon peel. An earthy base of sandalwood, cedar wood & patchouli and hints of vanilla and white musk

Salted Caramel

A gorgeous, sweet treat with buttery top notes and a touch of saltiness rounded with caramel, coconut vanilla & condensed milk

Jasmine & Magnolia

A crisp floral fragrance that is enveloped by both notes of heady jasmine and subtle magnolia with additional unexpected notes of melon, cucumber and white peach

Lemon Scented Myrtle

This gorgeous fragrance is the energetic combination of zingy lemon & orange peel with vibrant eucalypts delicately composed with floral notes of feminine scent of peonies

Fresh Linen

A really lovely fragrance that has that memory of warm sun kissed cotton. A beautiful and warm fragrance

Tropical Island

Refreshing & calming with notes of pineapple, Tropical sea salt rounded out with sheer coconut, lily, jasmine, lush greens & finishing with Tahitian vanilla, woody tonka bean & musk the perfect fragrance to relax & unwind with.

Vanilla Pear

Creamy vanilla is blended with ripe pear to create this delicious scent with light notes of musk to finish.


For those times when you need to take a moment & just breathe & unwind. Lavender &Ylang Ylang combine to create this blissful fragrance

Cherry Blossom

Oriental inspired cherry blossom with fruity and green top notes and a heart of jasmine, strawberry and rose. The essence of spring will add a beautiful ambience to your home

Butter Cookies

warm your home & take yourself back to your childhood baking in Grandmas kitchen with the smell of fresh baked butter cookies straight from the oven. With creamy notes of vanilla and a light sprinkle of sugar this fragrance is total nostalgia

Australian Bush

 Go for a walk through the Australian outback with this authentic fragrance with notes of lemon, pine & eucalyptus.

Pomegranate Kiss

Delicious fruity & sweet. A lovely summery fragrance that will freshen up any space. With red currant, grapefruit, lime zest, red pomegranate, lychee nectar, pink raspberry, rose petals & candied violet

Sparkling Strawberry

A sweet effervescent citrus fragrance with orange zest, sparkling citrus, peach nectar, pink currants all harmonised with berries & strawberries.


A subtle smoky scent with hints of sugar and marshmallows finished with pine & cedar for some added earthiness.

Dry Tobacco & Hay

A truly  comforting and warm fragrance in essence.  Fiery ambers and smoky incense combined with sweet dry tobacco leaf blended with hay & honey.

Pink Peony

Pink petals of peony combine with wild rose, African violets & jasmine in this classis floral fragrance

Black Raspberry & Vanilla

Good enough to eat !! A perfect combo of vanilla, & musk topped with delicious blackberries & raspberries with a hint of white florals.

Lemon Fizz

A really fizzy lemon scent that has a subtle hint of vanilla sugar & musk


An uplifting pure essential oil blend to give you a pick-me-up. A highly stimulating blend to energise, invigorate & strengthen.

Sweet Pea & Jasmine

A delightful, heady floral fragrance combining hypnotic white jasmine and sweet pea coupled with delicate notes of ylang ylang and musk. A combination of musk, woods and balsam round out the composition giving fullness and longevity.

Winter Spice

for those winter days when you need some extra comfort, we again head into the kitchen with a medley of spices including clove, star anise combining with rich notes of cinnamon this fragrance is sure to enrich your home.

Strawberries & Cream

luscious ripe strawberries are blended with cool fresh cream for a delightfully sweet & fun fruity experience